Rowenta irons – redefining the art of pressing clothes

Ironing the clothes is quite a difficult task. You may find it a hard to press cotton fabrics due to their hard finish. Wrinkles keep on appearing on some fabrics even after ironing them again and again. The best way to press such clothes is using a steam iron. The quality of the iron can be judged by the ease with which it can be moved on the fabrics and the steam it produces during the operation. More the steam formed, easy will be the operation for the user. Rowenta irons have got a special rank among the competitors just due to the quality of the product company is offering. There are a number of features newly added to the irons making them the first choice for the buyers.

A large variety of irons is offered by Rowenta. Having variance in weight and size, you can see more than a dozen irons showcased by the company. Large sized irons are usually used for commercial purposes while small and medium size is optimized for home use. People wearing suits in the offices can find it useful to buy a medium sized iron with higher steam generation. The crease of the suit is pressed well by the iron so that it may not get displaced after getting hung.

User-friendly structure
These irons have been designed ergonomically. Different options are available to the left and right hand users. More than one handles can be fixed on the top part of the iron to make it easy for the operator to use the device. Different materials have been used for manufacturing the handles. Plastic handles are usually used and preferred because plastic is a good heat insulator and does not allow significant heat transfer. Grips have also been provided with the handles to make it comfortable for the operator to use the iron. The thermostat is easy to use and can be controlled by a moveable knob.

Design consideration
Many important things have been considered while making the design of the irons. Iron is able to use the regular tap water and there is no need of boiling the water before using it in the iron. Some of the competitive models use distilled water and thus extra work needs to be done for operating the iron. Highly polished base of the iron gives it a smooth touch at the bottom. This feature makes it easy for the user to move the iron on the piece of cloth. Heat is distributed evenly to the base of the iron giving uniform pressing.

Outstanding features
There are some outstanding features making Rowenta irons the best choice. An automatic system is incorporated in the device which turn it off if left untouched for 8 minutes. A self-cleaning system is also operational inside the device. This system separate out the small particles that are present in the tap water (hard water). A large sized water tank is present in the iron accessories that can be filled to produce more steam during ironing making it easy for the user to operate the iron.

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